Become an owner of an 18-hole golf course

User-friendly and very entertaining !

You choose the length of the game (about 3 minutes per hole)

Even non-golfers will find it addictive !

The golfers will find the same sensations as during a round with friends!

The game:

9 double-sided game boards (holes 1 to 18), playing pieces, 4 dice, score cards, 3 decks of cards (Direction, Rough and Bunker), jokers, a score card pad.

Presentation of the game in Video

LOGO Golf Strategy colour chart

Overview of the rules of the game

The game represents an 18-hole golf course. As in a golf competition, the game consists of finishing the chosen course in a minimum number of strokes (using dice to move). shots (using dice to move).

More details

At the end of the game, players or teams compare their scorecards to determine the winner or winners.

The game can be played alone or in teams. All game formulas are possible.
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