Golf Strategy Game (French version)

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Out of stock. No problem playing with the English version, especially with the French rules supplied as an extra as part of the promotion.

This board game has been designed and manufactured in France. It is the fruit of a passion for the game of golf but also of the desire to share good times with family or friends whatever the weather conditions!
It represents a golf course of 18 holes with all its obstacles.

Each board represents a golf hole with its particular universe, from a starting area to the finish on a green defended by obstacles (trees, water, sand) and where you will have to define your putting strategy.
The cards will disturb (or not!) your swing, the result of the number of dice you will have decided to throw will allow you (or not!) to measure your distance. You will have a large choice of possible directions to adapt to the hazards of the course. With a good score on a hole (par, birdie,..), you can win jokers and compensate for penalizing cards.
As in golf, the best player will be the one who achieves the delicate balance between attack and caution, adapting his-her strategy to each difficulty encountered, and achieving the lowest score. The scorecards provided allow you to follow the performance of each player.
You can play between 1 and 8 players, with the same game formulas as on the real courses, individually or in teams, playing either the whole course or only the holes of your choice (adapting your game duration to your available time).
You will find all the moments of pleasure of a game between friends around a playful, lively and very convivial game.
For golfers, don't worry, the competition will not influence your index, you can take all the risks but be careful with the scores !!!!

Out of stock



9 double-sided game boards (holes 1 to 18), 8 wooden playing pieces and 4 dice, 3 decks of cards (Direction, Rough and Bunker), jokers, a block of score cards.

100% Made in France, 430x310x50 mm size luxury cardboard box 

From 8 years old for 1 to 8 players.

Duration of the game about 3 minutes per hole


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Weight 2,500 kg
Dimensions 43 × 31 × 5 cm

3 reviews for Golf Strategy (French version)

  1. Mella Renaud -

    Superb creation. Laughter..... and anger guaranteed. Try it as soon as possible.

  2. Alain Bremont -

    Some holes played in rainy weather in small groups. Very pleasant and friendly. Not at all muddy. Still some time to assimilate some rules and tricks especially on the par 3s and I will come back for comments and appreciation. Thanks

  3. Robert (confirmed customer) -

    I have just received the box of golf strategy and the game is really good. It's really good quality, you need strategy and a bit of luck (like in real golf...) to score.
    I recommend this game to golf lovers but not only. It's a great game to play with your family or friends.

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